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I provide healing and pet sitting service to your beloved furry friends. 

Healing can be helpful to animals with traumatic experiences and stress from:

*having spent years at animal shelters,

*moving homes or change in owners

*receiving medical care and operations such as spaying and neutering

*general stress and fatigue

Even if they are happy and healthy, you can give a nice relaxing healing treat to your friend for special occasions or for always being your loving companion!!

I use reiki, cranialsacral therapy, and other healing methods. 

About Eng

About Me

She is a Japanese native who has been living in the US for more than 25 years.  She is a psychic/medium who has been serving as a healer and reader since 2000.  

To deepen healing work with body, mind, consciousness and soul, many healing modalities were added to her practice through the years. 


Those modalities include Esoteric healing, Bodytalk, Reiki, Craniosacral therapy, Shamanic Healing, ThetaHealing, Essential oils, and many other different new age, western and eastern methodologies.

She also studied Animal communications with different teachers such as Marta Williams and Penelope Smith... etc.

She is based in NY and  offers readings and physical healing with all combined techniques to humans and animals.


She has an MBA.


Please check here about service for humans.


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Animal healing

Animals have soul and heart just like us. 

That means, they feel stress just as we do.   

Often, animals get effected when we are under stress because they are much more sensitive than we are.

I provide hands-on healing to dogs and cats.  

My healing method is an original, combining reiki and cranialsacral and other energy healing. I do so while aligning their chakra.

For those who don't liked to be touched,

I conduct healing without touching their bodies. 

I mainly do in-person healing,

but I can provide distance healing, when your pets live far way or are hospitalized.     

One session: $50 Plus transportation fee

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Pet sitting service

Included: changing water, feeding, cleaning sand, playing with the pet, going for walks, brushing.  If requested and if it requires a reasonable time, I can open windows to refresh the air in the room and water house plants.

If you wish, I can send you photos of your pets while I pet sit.   Once you contact me, I can visit you and your pet to say hello.   We can go over details about his/her care.   This is optional and free of change.

Area of service: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens...where I can go by subway. Please ask if you are in an area other than those three boroughs.  I don't provide boarding, but in some cases, I can do an overnight stay.

Please ask. 


One visit: $18

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